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We Love You JP

I was twelve years old when I first received one of those incredibly awkward cardboard boxes in the mail. You know the type; it was skinny, brown, and taller than ...

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MYSTery Alaska – Part III

Day two, we overslept. It was only 8 AM but we missed our window of opportunity to climb and ski anything of significance. We conceded that the day would be better ...

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MYSTery Alaska – Part II

Four season tent – check. Skis, boots, skins – check. Beacon, shovel, probe – check. Harness, rope, ice screws, crampons, axe – check. Beer, ...

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MYSTery Alaska – Part I

Fifteen hours into a day that will be burned into my memory forever, I paused amidst watching Nick Langelotti manhandle our gear sled down a now-grassy slope. I ...

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Is it winter yet?

Who else is ready for ski season?

Only 28 more days!

An original video from Jacky Hallett. Check out Spread Stoke for ...

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One day at Teine – Japan

So after going to iF3 Montreal…. you can say I was a little more than inspired by the films I saw. Some had character, some had big budgets, but they all ...

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