We Love You JP

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I was twelve years old when I first received one of those incredibly awkward cardboard boxes in the mail. You know the type; it was skinny, brown, and taller than me. That box contained two items. One, my first pair of twin tips. And second, a gift that has been far more enduring than those 138 Rossignol Scratch Jrs, Session 1242. This was the first ski movie that I ever watched, and I’m certain that I have returned to it every year since I first received it twelve years ago.

Through that film I was introduced to a whole new world of skiing, with that world came new heroes to look up to.  Watching Jon Olsson, Boyd Easely, and Pep Fujas all made this new style of skiing look so fun and continued to develop my passion for skiing. The individual that stood out to me the most in that film was the one not on skis, but playing on a little toy sled. I thought it was so funny to see this grown man do tricks on this little kid’s toy. It was clear he was having a blast and that his attitude towards life was infectious. That was my first introduction to JP Auclair, who would remain a hero for me for the next twelve years.

I am so thankful for JP Auclair’s life. His signature backflip mute grab is an image that will be ingrained in my mind as a symbol of freedom and style.  His skiing brought him to my attention, but the person he was off of the snow kept my attention. His commitment to this world was clear through his words and actions. He developed a non-profit, Alpine Initiative, which works towards the betterment of mountain communities around the world. He spoke out against climate change, and urged humans to step up to the plate and find a solution. I will leave you with a quote from him in regards to climate change, “It’s not about doing less, it’s about doing more.” Keep pushing, keep progressing, even though JP is no longer walking this Earth, his footprints are here to stay. His legacy will continue to create ripples of inspiration for years to come. RIP.

This video was produced by Alpine Initiatives, and is an amazing tribute to his life. You can support those who survive JP at http://store.alpineinitiatives.org/ and http://www.auclairfund.org/

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