Spread Stoke: Share What you Live For

Watch the story behind SpreadStoke.com; a passionate community of friends, athletes and co-founders, built upon the foundation of doing what you love, sharing what you live for, and spreading stoke to others.

Being stoked is a state of mind. How do you achieve it?

Spread Stoke is a collaborative multi-media blogging platform offering a place on the internet for action sports athletes and outdoor enthusiasts to share their travel stories, trip reports, video edits, and photography. Our site is made up of 100% original user-contributed content. It’s a place for those that want to be inspired, or are looking to inspire others and share what they live for.

We welcome all outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, writers, photographers, videographers, up-and-coming pros and fellow athletes to join SpreadStoke and help us create a community built on the foundation of being stoked.

About Spread Stoke - Vision

Why did we build Spread Stoke?

Our motivation behind building Spread Stoke is to develop a community that inspires.

The internet has allowed people to connect all across the world and share their passion for life, utilizing a variety of media and tools. Spread Stoke has embraced this notion. Our mission is to connect the outdoor and action sports communities by building a platform that allows content sharing in a positive and beautiful way.

Together, generating inspiring content, we can expand our circle of friends from the chairlift and trails to the rest of the world.


Tori Sowul

Tori Sowul

Ambassador of the Stoke

Tori is a free spirit who is at home in the mountains, exploring nature’s uncertainties, and twirling and skipping simultaneously. She can often be found belting out Fleetwood Mac lyrics, challenging strangers to dance-offs, and engaging in anything that fuels her wanderlust.

Casey Sowul

Casey Sowul

Chief Stokebird

Casey is an all-around internet geek who digs coffee, beats, and spreadsheets. Loves Guns N’ Roses, purple bike parts, and good whiskey. She can often be found on the trails, on Instagram, or chasing low pressure systems across the country.

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith

Master of the Code

Kevin’s motto: ski fast, and ride mountain bikes with reckless abandon. He spent his early 20′s riding around the country in a tricked out school bus, having amazing adventures. When he is not in the mountains, Kevin can be found writing code or playing poker in Vegas.