Snogression, Learning Air Awareness with No Consequence

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Preseason training should be a part of every snow sport athlete’s routine. It is pretty easy to go to the gym to strengthen your legs and core, but what about keeping your air awareness sharp? There are very few places and ways to learn your flips and air style in a safe, controlled environment. Snogression is the place.

The other day I went to Snogression, a training facility specifically designed to help athletes learn and progress their air awareness. They have an amazing set-up: super tramps, fly beds, foam pits, and a full-on fake snow ramp. I had a blast checking this place out. I got to talk with some pros and groms from Team Utah while getting in on the action as well! Check out the edit to see what this place is all about!

Snogression Preseason Air Awarness Training

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