International Women’s Ski Day at Solitude Resort

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Living in a ski town is amazing for many many reasons. You get to skip school on powder days. You get to be surrounded by incredible people who are willing to live on couches, out of cars, and survive on PB & Js in order to follow storms across the country in their beat, but adored, Subarus. You ‘get’ what it is to be obsessed with the mountains and will do anything (including bail on relationships, career climbing opportunities, and steady cashflow) in order to make sure you’re able to take full advantage of every single damn winter! I know, sounds like paradise, right?


There is a small dilemma that comes with most mountain towns – and dudes have known this for years! They know that it’s not easy to find a plethora of ladies around town. Generally, this has certainly been in our (I’m speakin’ for the gals here) massive favor when it comes to dating. But – there’s more to it than that. Lookin’ for fellow female comrades to shred with on a daily basis can be tough, intimidating, and sometimes, downright frustrating. I’ve spent most of my life skiing with guys – and I love every damn one of them. Then there are days that are extra special,  spent with my best girlfriends on the mountain while laughing, dancing, being silly, pushing each other harder than they boys, giving each other endless shit when we crash, talkin’ smack on the chair lifts. But, to be honest, meeting and connecting with other female riders can be tough when jobs, kids, sleeper pow days, boys and everything else in life gets in the freakin’ way. That’s why International Women’s Ski Day is super exciting!

Solitude Mountain Resort is hosting a massively awesome “Women of Winter” series and they are kicking it off with International Women’s Ski Day. This is the perfect excuse to get your butt out on the slope and meet some new friends, get a little wild with fellow female athletes, and simply celebrate being a chic. Below are details on the entire W.O.W series. Spread Stoke will be up at Soli next weekend for International Women’s Ski Day. So come say hi and meet the crew.


For more information on the incredible Women of Winter (W.O.W) Series that Solitude is putting on the entire season, check out their schedule of events here

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