Our 1st Day of Winter in Tahoe – Dialing in Some Tricks

5 0 3027

Hey everyone I hope that you all had a fun and adventurous summer, though the time has come when you put away your  flip flops and snorkel, and get ready for winter.  Yesterday everyone in Tahoe woke up to a winter wonderland!  The snow was making the trees droop, covering all the cars and sidewalks.  Making all of the locals excited myself included.  I could not stop smiling, my face hurts today from the per-ma-grin I had all day.

Some Friends and I all had the same idea to dust off our snowboards and head out to a new bridge that was built this summer.  It was a great feeling to be first to snowboard on this freshly built slightly “c” shaped bridge.  With the help of a ten foot Banshee Bungee we were all able to have enough speed to dial in some tricks.

We had some luck yesterday since Photographer Katie Doner decided to take her dog for a walk in the same meadow.  She rushed back to her house to get her camera.  Due to Katie’s professional eye we ended  up with some great shots to remember the 1st day of winter.  In addition you have to ollie about three feet to reach to rail, this took three to four friends to pull the banshee far enough to enable the rider to have enough speed.  Needless to say it was quite a workout.  All in all Yesterday was the perfect way to  get out and really take advantage of the new snow in Tahoe.

I had a lot of fun riding with: Mark Gama, Lytle Boyd, Jon Wilson, Paul Ceo of Platform, Kevin and Jess.  Also a HUGE shout out to Photographer Katie Doner.  Check her out: http://www.katiedonerphotography.com

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