Claire Hewitt-Demeyer

Growing up in Aspen Colorado, the mountain was my backyard. At age ten I began riding and felt it was the perfect way to explore the outdoors. I rode Snowmass and the other three Aspen Mountains every week while living there. My passion and devotion started seven years ago when I discovered the terrain park. My inspiration came from my older brother Chris Hewitt-Demeyer. Every sport that he participated in, I had to try. My best friend Sean McMechen taught me everything there was to know about rails and park riding. If it was not for him I would not the devoted rider that I am today. A few pros do motivate me to be a stronger rider, however, it's the local shredders that really inspire and push me to be the best female rider that I can be. I am a very spontaneous person who enjoys any challenging sports such as: cliff jumping, skydiving, long boarding, snowboarding, and many more outdoor activities. I would do anything for an adrenaline rush.


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