Sunshine and Mountains

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This summer started out a little difficult for me. I was stressed out after juggling a few jobs and full time school. Upon graduation I was a shambling mess. I could not hike over a quarter mile without some knee pain developing. And I had back and jaw pain from poor posture. I has just ended a relationship as well, so let’s get emo and add a broken heart to that list… *tear*.

With the new found time from leaving school and consolidating into one job I began what I called the “montage summer” where I dedicated myself to rebuilding and healing myself. I started working out two or three times a week, focusing on my legs and back. I began taking Tai Chi classes which helped retrain my movement to make it easier on my knees and back and I began to meditate in a style that relaxed my mind, and allowed me to dissolve the pain I was feeling all over my body.

I have made a surprising recovery! I am hiking again and spending time in the places I love with the people I love! You don’t get to the the montage of the work, but you do get to see the reward! Hiking, tubing, paddleboarding, camping all I am missing is footage of a nice evening around an outdoor fire pit! Enjoy the vid and the world!

One thought on “Sunshine and Mountains

  1. Tori Sowul says:

    It’s fascinating how mental and physical health are closely related. Glad to hear your dedicated to rebuilding yourself, I think it’s important for all of us to do this…quite often. Great video, looks like a fun summer!

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