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Have you ever had somebody tell you that you couldn’t do something? It’s pretty frustrating. But can you imagine what it would feel like if your body told you that you couldn’t do the things you loved the most- like an occasion where you would have no say in the matter at all? Would you feel discouraged or would you feel more motivated than ever? This weeks Fresh Face of Instagram is Mimi Kvinge, who has an incredible story to tell. She’s an artist and an adventurer, but most of all, she’s a fighter who has overcome incredible odds.

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If you follow her on Instagram @mimikvinge.creative you already know that her feed is stacked tall with incredible works of art. But would you believe it if I told you that she never considered art to be more than a hobby until about a year ago? From a very young age she took to skiing and developed a love for the outdoors. Then, when she was an adolescent, she was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer in her leg.  This ultimately took away her ability to be active and to pursue her passions in the outdoors.

As part of her treatment, a large part of her knee and hamstring was removed. Despite the fact that doctors were uncertain that she would regain full function of her leg again, she was able to make a full recovery. She credits that she was able to engage her body in “a real way” through her love for skiing and nature.

Mimi’s parents have always encouraged her and her brother to use their imagination and to be as creative as possible. It wasn’t until last year, after getting a huge response from a piece of art she posted onto one of her social feeds, that she considered doing art as more than just a hobby. Her artwork is experimental, and she’s constantly using new techniques to change the way it looks and feels. No matter what medium she uses, she almost exclusively showcases the beauty of the natural world. Her inspiration is derived from her love of nature and is intended to make people “feel the awe and respect for the natural world” that overwhelms her when she heads into the mountains.

“The mountains are my church, my gym, my therapy…”  –Mimi K

Mimi’s art speaks for itself, but it has a much more beautiful context when you know where it comes from. Social media allows you to connect with people who do inspiring things, but on occasion, it also allows you to connect with people who are inspiring by their very nature. Mimi Kvinge is one of those people.!

To see more of Mimi’s work, check out or follow her on Instagram @mimikvinge.creative. You can also contact her directly if you’re interested in purchasing her incredible pieces!


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  1. Tom Bibcock says:

    I find her work derivative and lacking in any talent whatsoever. Its strange how no one has stepped up to tell her, a disservice to her as an artist. I’m sure he beauty has nothing to do with her popularity.

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