La Sportiva Bushido

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  • The La Sportiva Bushido shoe features construction that hugs your feet, great ventilation, and and increased friction outsole to keep your feet happy!

This summer I gained a whole new perspective and appreciation for mountain running. 6-8 mile flat single track loops, 18-22 mile high mountain loops, 10-13 mile out and back canyon trails. I got to see a lot of the Teton area on foot and did it all with my feet happily tucked into a pair of La Sportiva Bushido’s.

Teton terrain is aggressive and so is the La Sportiva Bushido.  Neutral support with great stability and traction.


The “TPU” toe cap is like a helmet for your digits while scrambling up/down mountains and the ever so occasional root stubbing.

Feel like your feet are swimming in your running shoes? Not with the Bushido. STB Control construction hugs your foot with a “TPU” frame around your upper foot to create a secure hold wrapping to the top of the shoe. This control construction will help you stride with confidence knowing your foot is snug in your sneaks.

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Live in a warm climate? Often find yourself with sweaty feet? With the upper a blend of air mesh, thermal fibers and ripstop your feet will be breathing easy, if only it helped you keep your heart rate down too.

La Sportiva Bushido7

Stick to boulders, roots and extreme situations with the DriXion XT outsole and the Impact Brake System. With increased friction on inclines you’ll climb faster and confidently to mountain tops, town hills or the mailbox. Take them for a spin at

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