Cotopaxi Nepal 65L Backpack

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  • Summary: The Cotopaxi Nepal Backpack is a great solution for a multi-day hiking trek or a 6-month adventure across the world. Endless pockets and ample storage, combined with incredibly durable construction and material, makes for the perfect traveling companion. With it's 65L size, the pack may overwhelm petite sized outdoor lovers, but the overall fit is pretty awesome.

When traveling, hiking, or camping your ‘luggage’ should be the least of your worries. I do admit, I have found myself scurrying through airports wanting to collapse from an over-packed and awkwardly shaped bag more times than I care to admit. If you have made this mistake before, you know that having the wrong size pack can be exhausting and frustrating. Finding a backpack that molds to you as if it were another body part is vital for the vagabond. The Cotopaxi 65L Backpack is that other body part.

The backpack has some seriously versatile and technical qualities, making it good for both a 6-month pilgrimage through Patagonia or 3 day trek in Southern Utah’s deserts. If you’re looking for a great day pack, I suggest the Luzon, but for much larger treks that require more gear, this is the way to go! I recently got to test Cotopaxi’s Nepal Backpack in Southern Utah and it certainly made the trek better! The main body of the backpack has a butterfly zipper which allows you to access the entire pack without having to dig from the top. I found this to be quite useful at first, being able to find exactly what I wanted. The only issue I had was that I needed to be careful not to zip it all the way so that the pack would stay in it’s proper shape. Far from a deal breaker.

The Nepal Backpack has two large front zippered pockets, which is great for organization, and quick access to those clean underwear! In addition to all the outside pockets, there is also a removable top lid and multiple attachments for technical gear like trekking poles. The pack has quite a few internal stashes as well. Seriously, there is no chance to run out of pockets on this guy.

In addition, there is a removable internal hydration sleeve, as well as even more smaller pockets in the lid. There is a top compression rope strap and two configurable side compression straps. Although the straps made for an easy adjustment and good fit to my body, I found it to be slightly awkward and a tad heavy on my small frame. It would be awesome to have the option to remove the padded back panel! That said, it is very adjustable and fits well after some fine tuning.

Cotopaxi Nepal Backpack

The Cotopaxi Nepal Backpack: Size S/M

After the multi-day trek across the desert, I was way stoked on the Nepal Backpack. I would say the best parts of this pack are the organizational components, multiple pockets and the durable construction. It’s obvious that the pack is high quality and is going to last much longer than my knees will.  And while I have previously opted for a smaller pack, (50L) when doing long expeditions, I did find that the 65L size on the Nepal to be a much better option for adventures that require lots of gear! The quality of design and material are evident when trekking in high winds and rugged terrain. If you’re looking for a large pack that will fit everything you need, this is a really great option!

Aside from the Nepal being a great piece of technical gear, there is a that “feel good” factor when supporting the Cotopaxi brand. Each purchase of a Cotopaxi product directly contributes to their incredible health, education, and livelihood initiatives in developing countries. It’s nice to know your supporting a company that is an advocate for quality material and quality of life, for all. Read more about Cotopaxi’s “Gear for Good” philosophy.

*Disclaimer: Cotopaxi provided the author with the Nepal Backpack as a sample product (at no cost) for testing purposes.


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