You Really Should Watch This: Fabio Wibmer

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With great success comes great responsibility and no where does that come into play more than the recently announced GoPro of the World contest series. Different facets of action sports have already held these type of events for example; freeriding: Race Face Ultimate Freeride Series, skiing: Super Unknown,, snowboarding: Real Snow Backfunktry, Skating: ¬†I don’t know… something like Real X-Street Games Bladez Xtremes ¬†Houston or something I imagine.

Regardless, here is an awesome entry by Fabio Wibmer who arguably should have won last year’s event. Rumor has it he had a higher consensus than the number of climatologists who believe in man-made climate change. With this entry, it would be quite a surprise if he didn’t win this time around. #cowspiracy

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