Trail Dogs: The Best Singletrack Slayin’ Pups

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The warmth of spring is slipping through the weather patterns more and more each week . The trails are starting to dry out and the beckoning call from your mountain bike starts pulling at your heart strings, urging you to lose yourself on the rolling mountain trails no longer blanketed with white sheets of snow. You heed it’s call, wiping away the light layer of dust she’s collected, exchanging it for a fresh offering of grease, lube, and TLC. You look down and next to you is your best friend: wide eyed, silly grin, and wagging tail. He knows that it’s bike season, and the stoke is high! He looks at you with those big eager eyes and you remember that there is no greater joy than sharing the trail with your favorite pooch.

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We completely agree! There is no one better to share the trails with than your furry friend. With singletrack and puppies on the brain, we are super excited to introduce you to Kira, our newest Spread Stoke family member. She’s a 4 month old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix who makes us laugh and enjoy the outdoors on a daily basis. With the approaching bike season upon us, the anticipation of hitting the trails with our new 4 legged friend is invading our every thought. While Kira still has a lot of growing up to do before she’s ready to bike with us, she’s really enjoying watching other dogs hit the trails! To help you get stoked for mountain bike season, Kira would like to share her favorite selection of “Trail Dog” videos with you. Cheers to an epic bike season full of dirty paws and keepin’ it rubber side down.

Night Time Shred - Tom & Ruby

We first went for a ride with Tom & Ruby back in the summer. But now the nights have drawn in, you’d expect the shredding to stop; not for Tom & Ruby. Kitted out with her own lights, Ruby the Hungarian Vizsla has been tearing up the trails after dark.


Bryan and Kaia

We set out on a brisk, winter day to shoot this before heading back to school for the semester. Bryan’s dog, Kaia, accompanied us and this was the result.


Lily Shreds 2.0

Lily is back! The MtnRanks mascot is out shredding again, this time taking her skills and speed to the mountains. Although she is pint sized, she is one fast little Jack Russell that loves to chase bikes.


Timmy & the Entourage

Riding the 2012 Kona Entourage with my little buddy Timmy dog. (self-filmed) Canon 60d, Sigma 30mm f/1.4, Premiere CS5 with Twixtor plugin for slomo, Magic Bullet Mojo for color


Muddy Trails and MTB Shreds WITH Awesome Dog

End of the season in the mountain bike park. Lifts are shut down. Nobody rides the trails. It’s wet and cold. But somebody’s got to walk the dog… Nico Vink rode a fresh, wet track at Chatel Bike Park after which we hit some other trails. One of the builders at Chatel mountain bike park, Francois, showed us his own trail, and we had a personal (canine) guide. Francois’ dog followed Nico down the trail. It was one of a kind experience in respect to the whole atmosphere of these shoots. We didn’t have a lot of time at our disposal, therefore we had to battle it out with the weather on the last day and push on. Filming with Nico was an absolute pleasure. Special thanks goes to Francois x Falco for the hospitality and for being an awesome human and an awesome dog! Also thanks to the guys at Chatel for helping us out with shuttles as well.


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