Julian Carr

Julian Carr is a professional skier and Founder/CEO of Discrete clothing. Julian will calmly discuss snowpack, weight distribution, terminal velocity and angle of impact with you, and for a moment, you will actually believe he is not certifiably insane. However, the moment you see how he is applying this science, you will likely wonder two things:1) How did he escape from his straitjacket, and 2) Who gave him a pair of skis?
Julian, quite simply, drops the biggest cliffs ever caught on film. This alone should be enough to score a place on the Backcountry team, but we like Julian for another reason: he's way more than just a crash test dummy. It's one thing to launch one's meat off massive rock faces in search of fame and fortune; it's another thing entirely to compete in freeskiing tournaments, start Discrete Headwear, star in movies, write poetry and magazine features, and live a generally awesome life. Julian's a multi-talented guy who would clearly make it in this industry even without his addiction to lunatic air. We're just lucky he's got a screw loose, 'cause we love to watch him do his thing.


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