Mountain Wingsuit Flying Until Summer’s End

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Mountain Flying - Europe 2015 - Liz Freeman

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged on the coolest site ever.  Spread Stoke embodies exactly the type of flying I like to do.

Since January, I’ve been flying a new wingsuit, the Aura from Squirrel. It has opened the world’s most amazing cliffs that are only flyable with a certain type of suit. I trained all year skydiving and in BASE  with some of the most experienced pilots in the world. I spent the end of the summer hiking in Switzerland, Italy and France. I learned so much in 5 weeks  flying off legal cliffs. This is why so many of us save all year to travel to the alps to fly, because we are welcomed there as long as we obtain the proper insurance and landing cards from the locals.

It’s amazing to travel through different countries, hike the tallest mountain and fly down to your car. I am so grateful to explore the world through human flight.

This is an edit of some of my wingsuit jumps in Europe :)

Thank you Scotty, Pat, Jeremy, Hart, Eric, Ellen, Laurent, Roberta, Dieter, Carson, Matt & Iza dog for sharing these wonderful experiences with me. Spread the stoke on mountain flying!!!!!


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