Learning to Surf on the East Coast of Australia

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When most people think of Australia they think of surfing as many of the greatest surf spots in the world are located there, such as Bells Beach.  This is the location for the longest running surf competition in the world starting back in 1961.  From there on you have about 1,500 miles of coasts with beautiful pristine beaches.  If you own your own surfboard then you don’t have to worry, but some hostels have boards that you can use if you stay there.  These are a little difficult to find sometimes but usually if they do it they will be advertising it.

Most people get stuck in the tourist traps like Spot X or surfer’s paradise but there is so much more.  Sydney has some great learn to surf schools that are close enough to the city for night life but far enough that you feel a little further away from it all.  Byron is a beautiful low-key hippy town filled with massive waves with a killer drum circle at sunset every night. As you head north there are many more options but the risks also become more prevalent.  Noosa is also a killer spot with a variety of different surf beaches and located right on a National Park.

Above the Tropic of Capricorn the danger of jellyfish, crocodiles, and sharks increases.  So as you’re heading north be sure to stop in The Town of 1770.  This is by far THE cheapest place in Australia to go surf.  A mere $17 gets you a board, rash guard, and lessons if you want them.  This is a tiny town with beautiful views, one grocery store, one bar, and a sick hostel that goes by the name of Cool Bananas.  This place is run by an old ski bum from Canada who has ski/snowboard movies and hosts an awesome party every night.  As for the surfing the waves range from moderate 3-4 footers to 8-10 foot waves and the waves come very often.  It is hard to go more than a few hours as the waves come in very quickly, but if you are looking to learn or have been before it is great.  Surfing is such a huge part of Australian culture; it doesn’t matter where you end up going it is obviously something that should not be missed.

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