Keeping the Stoke when the Fire Dims

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Progression in extreme sports is always a journey. You think you have reached your plateau and yet you arrive at another mountain. I guess we chase the thrill of summiting the mountain and secretly hope the next mountain challenges us even more. Are we all chasing our potential? Sometimes, yes. Other times, the hike, assessment of weather conditions, the jump & ¬†landing safely all create a unique, personal experience of self-actualization. I fly because I love it. Through in and through out. Similar to the old powder hound trekking for fresh tracks and untouched lines. We fly because it makes us feel whole. This year, I have lost quite a few friends in the community to accidents. Even with tragedy, I still hold on to my love of wingsuit flying. There is something about it I can’t… I won’t give up. Try explaining to this your dad :) Anyways, while the rest of the world is oblivious, judgmental or just plain angry about dark times, we have to keep spreading the stoke. You don’t quit living because you lost someone or many. I know my friends wouldn’t want that. Each and every one of them taught me to be kind, be strong, and be stoked!

Europe, Summer 2016

Blue Skies, this video is dedicated to Matt, Rami, JVH, Brandon Jackson, Dario, Chris La Bounty, Gage Galle, Kat Donahue, Uli, Alex Poli. Thank you for being my friends, and inspiring me to be a better human


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