Frame of Mind Series 1: Tyler Peterson

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For our third interview of the Frame of Mind Series, we spoke with Solitude Ambassador Tyler Peterson. Tyler’s skiing resume is pretty impressive and includes skiing for the Squaw Valley Race Team and Wasatch Freestyle Team, as well as coaching for Axis Freestyle and Wasatch Freestyle. Tyler has competed in Halfpipe and Slopestyle events all over the world with 1st place finishes in the Helly Hansen Shop Battle, King of the Wasatch, Park City Pipe Jam USSA, and USSA Divisional Champs. He’s also paced in dozens of other competitions throughout his career and continues to shoot with some of the best ski photographers in the industry.


Spread Stoke: Where is your hometown?

Tyler: Sandy, Utah.

SS: Who can you usually find yourself on a chairlift with?

Tyler: Friends, family and random people on vacation.

SS: Conditioning off the mountain is an essential element to performance on the mountain.  Do you have any training techniques (whether physical or mental) you would like to share?

Tyler: I participate in mountain biking, hiking, soccer, softball, and weight lifting.

SS: What’s been the most challenging aspect of being an athlete?

TylerBeing in the right place at the right time.


SS: Besides shredding the white wintry wave, what else do you enjoy doing?

Tyler: Fishing, boating, and camping.

SS: What is your life motto?

TylerEnjoy what the outdoors gives to you.

SS: What fuel goes into your body before and after a day on the hill?

TylerUsually for breakfast it’s something easy like a protein shake, yogurt, bananas or other fruit. I love sushi, Mexican food or any sort of fish after the hill, plus a good brew!

SS: What does skiing do for your soul?

TylerSkiing for me is all about freedom.

SS: Solitude, it’s all in the name.  What are some of your favorite attributes of Solitude and how is it unique from other Utah resorts?

Tyler: I like Solitude for its lack of crowds, cool trees and fresh powder days after the storm.

SS: What goes through your mind before, during and after executing or capturing a technical line or feature?

TylerHopefully nothing, I try to experience the moment as much as possible.

SS: Let’s talk 2017 Goals: What can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

TylerI’ll be skiing as much powder as possible, while working with the best photographers to create beautiful images.


SS: As athletes, you serve as role models in the outdoor industry.  Any advice, reflections or ideas on the types of things you would like see the outdoor industry strive for?

TylerBe less political and more about creating an easy way for more people to enjoy the outdoors. Listen to feedback created by customers/athletes.

SS: What’s bumpin’ in your earbuds?


SS: Spread Stoke’s values are: do what you love, leave this world a better place than you found it, and spread stoke to those around you.  How do you demonstrate these values?

TylerA great attitude is all that you need!

SS: Do you have any shout-outs to sponsors?

Tyler: Shout-outs go to my sponsors: Volkl/Marker/Dalbello, POC, Leki, The North Face, Alta, Snowbird, and of course Solitude and Deer Valley.

We hope you enjoyed our Frame of Mind interview with Tyler Peterson. Be sure to say “Hey!” to Tyler on the hill this season and give him a follow on Instagram @typetersonski!

Stay tuned for our next Frame of Mind interview. If you know someone who should be featured, let us know.

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