SuperUnknown Finals XI – A Casual Afternoon

8 0 2027

Early on at the SuperUnknown XI Finals we had a couple down-days due to bad weather. With the crew feeling fresh they weren’t able to just sit and chill in the lodge, play cards and let the day roll on by, but instead used a small patch of snow outside our accommodation to build a small rail garden. While the rest of the film crew were busy setting up interviews for the athletes, I took the opportunity to try out some new equipment and get some shots of the guys messing around on the rails. Jonny Durst, another filmer from Level 1 kindly let me borrow his FS700, so I could test out some new stuff. The obvious feature of the FS700 being “MegaMo” and yes, I got fully hooked on it.

This little edit is what I came up with, aptly named “A Casual Afternoon” as the athletes were taking it easy as well as myself just messing around with the new camera. Hope you enjoy and of course, thanks to Level 1 for the opportunity to be able to join them for the SuperUnknown Finals and film with them.


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