Stashes of Solitude

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After a two week drought and a horrible start to the 2014/15 snow season, we are asking ourselves what does it all mean.

After a four-year stretch at other resorts, I returned to Solitude Resort this year. I missed the lack of lift-lines and amazing backcountry access. So far I haven’t been disappointed.

Last Sunday after two weeks without snow, we found the most amazing line of inbounds fresh powder!

I know what your thinking. Bullshit, no way! I assure you it is all-true.

snowboard solitude resort

Now we‘re not talking blower powder up to your eyeballs, after all it is the beginning of December. We are talking knee deep, soft and slashible powder. The kind where you charge down the mountain without much worry. Core shots or being harpooned by a hidden stick are far from your mind. The kind of powder where you just get lost in the moment, feeling the snow moving and spraying under your board. Where you’re weightless and floating on nature’s frozen cloud.

snowboarding powder in Utah at solitude resort

We charge down the mountain and slashing deep backside turns that sent snow arching though the air like surfing at pipeline. Then popped off a buried tree stump and landed on what felt like a new down pillow. Cruising, linking, from one turn to the next, one stump, then a log, and finally down a natural half using the transition to boost higher.

solitude resort utah snowboarding

It didn’t last long though, only a few hundred yards. It was so amazing that when we reached the bottom and looked back at the line, we said to ourselves, “Holy shit that was fun!”  I looked over at my friends and everyone was just looking back at the line. You could see it in their eyes, that kind of satisfied hunger. Everyone knows that might have been the best run of the season. Yet, it’s only the beginning.

Now I have that hunger growing again. How long will I have to wait for one more amazing, life changing run?

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