Sneaky Utah Powder Day

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The forecast was saying the storm was going to split, and if we were lucky we might see 6 inches. Over a foot later, no one was complaining. A Northwest flow had set up over Little Cottonwood Canyon delivering  a sneaky storm that many did not get out of bed for. It was an amazing day at Snowbird with my youngest son.

sneaky snowbird utah powder day

My 15 yr old son Sam enjoys the fluff at Snowbird!

sneaky snowbird utah powder day - sam

Sam sends it!

sneaky snowbird utah powder day - sam whiteroom

Sam enjoys the whiteroom.

snowbird empty tram line powder day

No line at 9:25 am for some incredible runs!

snowbird passholder free donuts

Snowbird had early trams and donuts for season pass holders!

little cottonwood canyon snowbird traffic


Snowbird Jibbing

Jibbing Snowbird’s Chip’s Run. Not bad for a 40 year old!

One thought on “Sneaky Utah Powder Day

  1. Casey Sowul says:

    You’re makin’ me drool over here in PC. Time for some more snow dancing!

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