Skiing Deep Pow in India: Kashmiri Gold!

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About 8 years ago a friend of mine lent me a ski DVD he had just bought in the summer. I had just moved from Hong Kong to England and even though I had been skiing for 14 years I didn’t know that ski DVD’s existed! The name of the movie was “The Tangerine Dream” and was the catalyst for my ski movie addiction and travelling the world in search of an adventure.

Among the many mind boggling segments, the one that stood out to me the most was when Micah Black, Dash Longe and co visited Gulmarg, India. The place looked wild, the people looked friendly and on top of all that, the snow looked out of this world! And this February, 8 years later, my brother, a group of friends and myself were on a plane and heading to this dream destination.

Kashmiri Gold

This video is a close a reflection to my trip as I could make. Gulmarg wasn’t having the best snow year, in fact the 10 days I was there were the first skiable days of the season so we got super lucky. Despite this, the trip was all time and you can read the full write-up of the trip here:

Hope you all enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Skiing Deep Pow in India: Kashmiri Gold!

  1. Tori Sowul says:

    Video is incredible, nice work!! I’m starting to scope India for my next ski adventure! Thanks for sharing!

  2. In a densely populated country, it looks like you found the perfect place to get away from the chaos. Great video, and inspiring trip!

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