ReWatch: Technical Difficulties (1999)

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Not really all of them, just the ones I own. Riding, music, skits. I am going to write how I remember them, then I am going to “live diary” each one while watching them and eating Cheetos. Some of these films are the reasons I got stoked on snowboarding in the first place.

This is the first snowboard movie I ever watched. I think I was a sophomore in high school. I lost my copy of the movie, but it’s on YouTube now!

Technical Difficulties (1999) - Mack Dawg Productions

Technical Difficulties, As I Remember It

My first ever snowboard movie. My first ever sticker pack – oh man, were there a lot of stickers. They were from all the cool brands: Forum, Foursquare, Special Blend. The Foursquare sticker went right on the back of the old Accord. JP, Jeremy and Kevin Jones, Jason Brown, Peter Line, Lagwagon, Swingin Utters, and Hieroglyphics. I am surprised this movie didn’t break, me and my buddies watched it so often. Technical Difficulties introduced me to everything that was late 90’s snowboarding, and I never looked back. I was already into punk rock, but Heiroglyphics and Del were just awesome.

0:30 – Rocking first song with Kevin Jones jibbing off the cornice and the double mickalchuck! Mickalchuk!

1:24 – Jason Borgstede!

1:35 – Rockin song becomes mellow. It’s almost like it’s over already.

1:56 – First ever chair lift rope jib I ever saw.

2:32 – Tara Dakides! What!

2:50 – The whole reason we had snowskates.

3:07 – JP and Heiro. First underflilp or what we call a cork these days. JP is the jib ninja, but he is also killing the jumps in this opening segment.

4:52-  Some kind of awesome roll.

5:11 – A bloody Peter Line with a heavy rock track. Almost hit the camera man.

7:00 – Mikey LeBlanc rockin to punk rock and killin everything.

7:45 – Tweakit

7:54 – Barely made it.

8:03 – One of the first rodeos.

8:25 – Wheel chair donuts by Jeremy Jones. I didn’t even remember that this was him. So crazy to think that I live in Salt Lake and could be seeing these dudes in the streets.

9:15 – Longest 50/50 ever! One of the best snowboard tracks. I got a few Enkindels songs after this song, but they never got much more play in my rotation.

9:21 – First guy I ever saw wear a helmet in a video, and hold a boom box

10:01 – Keir’s standard 3 pipe tricks for about 10 years.

10:29 – Yeah falling off the house.

10:37 – Those rails with the beat of the song.

11:25 – I don’t count spins well, but I know that was huge and I wanted his board from his teleportation shot.

12:00 – New song, kinda loses my attention, but good riding brings it back.

12:22 – The slide rock, and the song starts rocking again.

12:45 – Such non-corked spins.

13:10 – Get M3 at Scheels now

13:54 – “Here’s to swimming, with bow-legged women”. My favorite part of the movie. Kevin Jones and these rails and flips.

14:40 – Nice fishing scene, then some crazy rails.

16:00 – Huge!

16:05 – Ow

16:16 – “Hear we go” – yeah Del.

17:44 – I  remember that van.

18:08 – Yeah Lagwagon. Maybe this was my favorite part. So much spring skiing in this video. I forgot when videos had some much park in the spring.

19:26 – Is that a subaru? JF Pelchat jumping that car.

15:50 – That cornice is huge

20:35 – Crash section. These don’t happen much anymore either. Poor Joni.

20:55 – Poof

21:04 – These are rough

21:38 – Oh no. That’s what i am afraid of.

22:30 – That guy running in. It’s so crazy what sticks and what doesn’t.

22:53 – JP trying to swim that around, then Englesman dying. Did he die?

23:20 – New song. Foo fighters? Never reallly dug this part.

23:51 – Tara doing back flips. She married Kevin Jones.

24:27 – Tara Dakides was damn good.

24:57 – Mr. one-foot.

26:12 – These guys are doing sweet single corks.

26:45 – Method Man.

28:00 – Joni looks really slow-mo. Like, extra slow-mo.

28:43 – Devun ripping across the pond.

30:34 – I used to remember this as like all giant 180’s. There are a bunch more tricks in his part. Some of the biggest of the movie, because it was the ending part.

31:16 – I got into the Bouncing Souls because of this song. Still listen to it to this day.

32:35 – “Punch you in the face”

What a great movie, and it still has watchability. I am glad I dug this up. I’ll probably watch it a few more times this year since its on YouTube and I learned how a Chromecast works. I think this is going to be fun going back and seeing what got me and my buddies into this in the first place.

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