Are You Ready For Winter?

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What is it about the ski season that gets us so excited? Could it be the dream of endless powder fields? Or maybe park laps with your best buds? Some of us like filming and some of us hate it! What about race dorks who carve a grin from ear to ear when the ski? What about those of us who ski because we love it or because it’s a way out, a way to escape it all?

As the summer has come to a close and fall is heavily upon us, the snow guns are out and the local hill is in a cloud. Some of us hastily make it up to Alta to get our first turns of the season. Others of us are prepping, working out, waxing, tuning… trying to be ready for opening day. We all have our rituals or our means of getting ready. But it all equals to one greater good: Skiing.

Skiing is fast and fluid. It is difficult but fun. Skiing is just straight up skiing. No Instavid or GoPro edit can mimic the feeling awarded when you’re skiing. Now I don’t want to sound preachy or try to “enlighten you with the power of skiing” but there is something that rings a bell, sparks a smile, and makes your heart race when you drop into your favorite run.

I’m not sure if there is an aura or something in the water that gets us so excited. But there is some sort of spark that gets us pumped. Some of us waited all summer and some may have even endured the summer. We build off the hype from others and that feeling is contagious.

I can tell you right now I have no answers as to why we get so STOKED on winter and skiing. But it happens and the bug has caught my mind. My boards are ready, new boots molded, and I’m pretty stoked on watching a bunch of web vids.  I can’t wait for that exhilaration for real though. And for my cliché closing question: Are you ready for winter?

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