Snow Making Going Down at Park City Mountain Resort

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Snowmaking Begins at PCMR

Snow making has been going down at Park City Mountain Resort! I am a snow maker and a free-groomer at PCMR and we have had some good cold nights so far.  We are set to open the 23rd of November and are on pace to have a good strong opening day.  We have a great crew this year with people from as far as New Zealand joining us.  We have a 24 hour operation with two crews, swing shift being noon to midnight and graveyard working the opposite.  We are all very excited to see what mother nature brings us and it should be an excellent season! See ya on opening day!

3 thoughts on “Snow Making Going Down at Park City Mountain Resort

  1. April Cook says:

    I cannot wait to get out on the mountain and snowboard! This was so cool to see the snow being made to get that base layer. How cold does it have to get before you can fire up the snowmakers? Do you usually use these all season long, or do you stop once it start snowing naturally?

  2. Tyler Plane says:

    It needs to be about 28 deg wet bulb temp, but depends on a few other variables of what the temps are about to do if it’s going to warm up during the day and what not. Usually snowmaking ends around mid January, but there is no set date necessarily if mother nature hasn’t been cooperating and other things such as if terrain parks needs extra snow or certain events.

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