Trip Report: International Women’s Ski Day at Solitude

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Last Saturday was International Women’s Ski Day at Solitude. That’s right… a whole day dedicated to ladies who love to get after it on the mountain! The Spread Stoke crew rolled up to Solitude to join other organizations such as She Jumps, Utah Avalanche Center, and K2 Alliance to help celebrate female empowerment.

After exchanging phone numbers with local rippers, I headed up to the top of the mountain to meet an array of bright colored jackets, flower leis, and pink tutus, all ready to charge down the hill together. As we glided down the hill, I couldn’t help but feel the exciting energy that I was immersed in. Every other turn, someone busted a dance move or yelled a “waaahooo”, “hehe”, and “ya girl!” Don’t get me wrong, the “dudes”, “siiiiick”, and “hell ya’s” were just as abundant, just in a higher pitch and with a cute giggle to follow.

International Women's Ski Day at Solitude

That’s what it’s like skiing with girls. The energy is high because not only are you shredding among incredible and talented female rippers, but you are also experiencing this collective, supportive energy. It’s the energy of girls encouraging one-another to hit a drop, try a certain technique, or even blow a kiss at the cute lifty. Growing up in a ski town, I always thought girls were few and far between, with so many baggy pants, hefty beards, and bros of the snow on the mountain. But, the more I dive into the community and industry, I am finding that notion to be less and less true.  There are TONS of girls out there – those who rip and those who are just discovering this thrill-seeking lifestyle for the first time.

Whatever their skill level, these ladies bring a beautiful dynamic to the mountains. A lighthearted, but determined one. We want to get after it, and also laugh our asses off on the chairlift. We want to go fast, ski hard, send that cliff, and do all the gnarly little tid-bits, but we also want to blast music in the parking lot, put on lip gloss, and talk about where we got our jackets. International Women’s Ski Day was filled with this vigor. Not only did a crew of lady shredders show up, but lots of guy friends, boyfriends, husbands, dads, and sons all showed up to support the women they love (the free beer helped too)!

Solitude International Women's Ski Day

Casey busting some dance moves in the Spread Stoke booth.

Solitude International Women's Ski Day - hotdog roasting

International Women's Ski Day at Solitude 03

International Women's Ski Day at Solitude 05

In between turns on the hill, everyone stopped by the parking lot party to grab a hot dog, beer from EPIC Brewery, Silver Bean Coffee and warm themselves up by the bonfire. Stoke was spread at a huge raffle with ladies walking away with awesome Eider jackets, an Elan ski bag, Solitude passes, and SLC Fitness Collective classes. The day concluded with worn out legs and lots of hugs. For those who missed IWSD, don’t be shy and come shred with us some other time! We’ll make our own dance party!

Boys, if you feel left out… you can come too!

International Women's Ski Day at Solitude - Casey and Tori Sowul

International Women's Ski Day at Solitude - Pit Viper

The Pit Viper crew, looking amazing as always.

international women's ski day solitude 09

International Women's Ski Day at Solitude 06

International Women's Ski Day at Solitude 07

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All photos courtesy of John Alberts.

For more information on the incredible Women of Winter (W.O.W) Series that Solitude is putting on the entire season, check out their schedule of events here


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