Humble Beginnings

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When people think of Virginia, some envision beautiful, green rolling hills. Others will hear waves crashing on the long, sandy coastline. Still others think of a winter landscape. The Blue Ridge Mountains are a sight to see when snow rests on their gentle slopes. Snow doesn’t come often that far south on the east coast, so people have taken matters into their own hands. The mid Atlantic region has a few ski areas scattered across its hills with most of the snow being manmade. These humble beginnings have given many people, myself included, one of the most precious gifts, a love of the mountains.

Massanutten, my home in the blue ridge, has inspired a passion of sliding on snow for many skiers and snowboarders.  These riders can be found all across the United States. I know I moved in search of bigger mountains with deeper snow, but Massanutten will always hold a place in my heart.

Seeing the park that the Massanutten park crew has put together this season gets me stoked for all the guys at home. Y’all created a sick edit with sick features, sick riding, and a sick park. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing all the creativity coming out of the 540.

Massanutten Terrain Park

CMB Terrain Park – Cribs Style


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  1. chris garcia says:

    The nut will always be home mountain. So many good times there. Good shit C-Love.

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