Opening Weekend at Grand Targhee with Dorian Densmore & Crew

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Grand Targhee has always had a special place in my heart. Since I was about 5 years old, when my parents schlepped me there during a storm chasing episode in the early 80s, Targhee has always been my personal spiritual mecca. I spend no less than 10 hours a week looking at property in Driggs and the surrounding areas debating if I should just say “fuck it”, sell everything I own here in Utah, and … um, leave Utah for pow?? Haha, who leaves Utah for pow? For Targhee, one moves out of Utah.

Here’s a little early season stoke for y’all who dream of the Tetons on a daily basis. Crack open a bottle of wine, turn on the speakers, and kick those feet back. Winter is here bitches!


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