Grand Targhee Resort: 100 Inches and Counting

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If there is one thing I can always count on, it’s good skiing in the Tetons. Even early season- even during the holidays! A quick trip home for Thanksgiving exceeded my high expectations (per usual). There were face shots. There were kickers. There was snow and there were so many friends and family to enjoy it with. There were high fives, laughter, and we all got Trapped just in time for the Packers-Patriots kickoff. Just wanted to share the good word (SNOW) and some fun photos from my visit home to Grand Targhee Resort.


Max Mackenzie, pictured above, spins off anything and everything. Core shots were hardly a concern.


Kaki Orr gets stoked on her first air of the season. Although she’s coming back from a major knee injury that prematurely ended her ’13-’14 season, she ripped around the ‘Ghee like the raddest skier on the mountain. All smiles returning to snow.


Dorian Densmore, above, getting methodical off the kicker.

Without fail, this trip has me STOKED to go back for more. I don’t know where you’re all going for the holidays, but I know I am going back to Grand Targhee as soon as possible. Maybe by 2015, we’ll have another 100 inches… keep your eyes on the prize and I’ll hope to see you there!


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One thought on “Grand Targhee Resort: 100 Inches and Counting

  1. Casey Sowul says:

    HELL YES!!!!!!! Packin’ up the subie and headed there this Friday. The conditions look amazeballs!

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