Freeriding with Grete Eliassen and the Girls

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Wake up, roll into a room full of gals in their thermals on colorful yoga mats. The air outside is crisp and ski patrol are headed up the mountain. Coffee is sipped, smiles exchanged and first yoga position is initiated by Kaari Rowberry of the SLC FIT Collective. As the chairlifts start to spin, everyone arises calmly from their mats and begin to buckle boots, strap helmets and head out the door to go… time to shred. Once on the hill, personal stories are being swapped and friends are being made faster then the cute lifty boys can turn their heads, gazing as a flock of skier babes go by. Finally, we are apart of an event that introduces bad-ass female shredders to other bad-ass female shredders. At Solitude, you will find many of these events.

The W.O.W. Series (Women of Wasatch), is an on-going event series this season that not only aims to bring together female athletes and have a ridiculously good time, but it also strives to increase technical skill on the mountain. This past W.O.W event we were accompanied by Pro Skiers Grete Eliassen and Maude Raymond, whom gave us tips on how to ski steep lines and get air. Both Grete and Maude were awesome guides and instructors, giving positive feedback and encouraging advice. After ripping all over Solitude, we then met up with Laura, from Solitude Ski Patrol, for a basic run down on backcountry awareness. Laura pointed out several areas which included steep chutes and untouched snow that had everyone frothing from the mouth, but quickly reminded us the importance of knowing your terrain and having the proper equipment to access these zones. Laura had everyone practice with their beacons at Solitude’s Beacon Park located next to the Eagle chairlift.

Mid-day we stopped for lunch, which was included in the W.O.W. Registration, and mowed down on some delicious pasta and salad. We met with some other local pro-athletes and exchanged skis and boards that we had demoed earlier from Palace Boards and Kitten Factory Skis. Don’t miss the next W.O.W series event – “Explore the Mountains with Solitude’s Mogul Mama, Shannon Burk” , February 21st.  Pre-register to hold a spot!

Photos courtesy of Corey Kopischke.

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