First Tracks in California’s Eastern Sierras

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In California droughts are real. They happen. We are still in one of the longest in recent memory. As a skier, it’s hard to complain about lack of snow when much more is at stake when it comes to water supply.  Nevertheless, the last three snow seasons have been a disappointing whirlwind of high expectations and unfortunate outcomes. But winter always brings snow and when it comes, we rip. When it’s low-tide, we adapt. We get creative. We learn. When it snows 12″ of wet snow with 6″ of fresh on top for the first snowfall of the season?? We’re ready.

The Eastern Sierras got 12-18″ of snow above 9k this weekend. Not a ton by local standards BUT certainly enough for our first turns of the 2014-15 season. After a short skin up some familiar ridges (x4 laps) it was official…Winter is here. Now let’s PRAY FOR SNOW!

Ski/GoPro: Tim Feess( & Ben Roman

Powder Hound: Sierra the dog

Tracks: Sam Smith ft. A$AP Rocky – I’m Not the Only One

Camera/Edit: GoPro HERO 3+ BLACK/GoPro Studios

Settings: 1440/48FPS

2 thoughts on “First Tracks in California’s Eastern Sierras

  1. Kevin Smith says:

    Sick first turns of the year! That heavy snow looked like it gave you pretty decent coverage.

    1. Tim Feess says:

      Yeah Kevin! It was really fun. The first wave of the storm came in pretty wet and it plastered most of the obstacles. After the front passed we got 6″ of fluff that really made the skiing fun as well!


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