Big Mountain = Fat Skis. Phat Steez? Depends on Who You Are.

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I found this fellow stokebird the other day at Snowbird. After seeing several old time stokers like this guy over the years (let’s call him Bert), I finally realized how spoiled we are this day in age. Powder skis, phenomenal outerwear, goggles of optical delight, 21st century steez factor, high performance boots, just to name a few. Spoiled? Bert would probably laugh in my face. Has the snow changed in quality since he started skiing? Probably not.  Has the gear changed? Compare your skis to his and the easy answer is yes.

This guy may have seen or heard of Gore-tex, powder skis, 4 buckle boots, beanies, helmets (!), goggles, etc., but that hasn’t changed his mindset on style when hitting the slopes. Rear entry boots buckled up, neon yellow straight boards (I’d say at least 195cm+), old school onesie, sunglasses, and no beanie, this guy gets ready to load the tram with no fear nor shame. I wouldn’t put it past him, there’s probably a flask of peppermint Schnapps tucked into that onesie too.

How much money did you spend on your setup this year?  I can guarantee Bert’s was capped off around $300 way back when he purchased it from a local shop.  Mine retail value? Meh, roughly $1500 for boots, bindings, and skis (No, I did not pay full price ).

Nowadays we have options galore– techy or stylish, powder boards or all-mountain carvers, avalanche airbags… You get the point. Do you think we will ever convert Bert’s generation of stokebirds over to the new trends and gear? Could we convince him wearing goggles and a helmet is actually cool? Who knows? Only time will tell.

Merry Fackin Christmas ya’ll!! Stay safe and pray for MORE snow!

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