Alta Closing Daze, 4th 2nd Frank Competition

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When most people think of big ski competitions, they think of the X Games or perhaps the FreeRide World Tour.  But there is one that you probably have not seen or heard of which has an untouchable jump line. It involves lots of people, onesies, and tons of Franks.  When speaking of closing day at Alta, everyone knows about the notorious High Boy celebration which consists of a gapper-type day of skiing and a huge celebration on one of the peaks at the end of the day.


High Boy

Besides shredding the deep pow, this is usually one of the most fun days of the year! The locals have their own competition throughout the day, this year being The 4th 2nd Annual Frank Ski Competition.  Doesn’t sound like it makes sense, but that’s what makes it great.  Being sheltered almost to the top of Wildcat lift, many people may not even know this is going on. But with one ride up is impossible to miss the hundreds of people dressed up in onesies and every ski costume you could imagine.   This competition was the ultimate definition of people being stoked on another year of skiing and the perfect pregame to High Boy.  I don’t believe this will be taking place again until next year, but if you have never been to High Boy and you have one more chance it should not be missed.  Alta will be running it’s lifts one more time this weekend! So strap up those skis, get your costume, and get up there Sunday!


4th 2nd Annual Franks spectator crowd


The 4th 2nd Annual Frank Ski Competition

 Video by The Daily Pow.

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