50 Year Winter in the Southern Swiss Alps

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I just returned from the trip of a life time to the Southern Swiss Alps. I flew in to Zurich and caught the train to St. Moritz. They’re having the “50 year winter.” It snowed all night and we’d wake up to a fresh 15 – 40 cm! The beauty of the Swiss Alps definitely filled my glass. Between the high alpine terrain and the euro way of life I definitely did not want to come home. I hope everyone has a chance at some point in their lifetime to experience skiing in the Alps. Love, Sierra


Photo credit: Fabian Gattlen


Photo credit: Fabian Gattlen


Photo credit: Fabian Gattlen


Photo credit: Fabian Gattlen

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Photo credit: Fabian Gattlen


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3 thoughts on “50 Year Winter in the Southern Swiss Alps

  1. Casey Sowul says:

    Sierra!!! Love the filter on those photos…agreed: so dreamy! Hope you had an amazing trip/birthday.

  2. afollett2 says:

    Sierra has nailed it! the Alps are the place to be. I spent a couple of years in the Austrian alps and fell in love with it.

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