Raising a Wild Child: Raising Kids on Outdoor Adventure

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Becoming an adult is a really weird freakin’ thing. You are suddenly very much responsible for yourself, your decisions, and your future. With 2017 rapidly approaching (and me quickly heading towards my mid-30′s) the thought of starting a family and ALL that comes with it (the good, the bad, and the downright scary!) has been nagging at me non-stop.  Thanks a ton adulthood – sheesh!

For most people, it’s probably a pretty natural decision to start a family, or on the other hand, to not procreate. I totally respect both decisions. I’ve spent the majority of my life 99% sure that I’d be child-free, but as I get older, I’m starting to second guess that desire. For those of us sitting on the fence where we see green grass on both sides (what’s up fellow fence perchers!), it’s really not so simple. Bringing a life into this world, into your current relationship, and into your lifestyle changes everything.  And for many of my very fertile millennial peers, the idea of having a family or of raising their children in a “social media” obsessed culture is a bizarre concept. How “plugged-in” will you be with your children? How will you teach them to disconnect? To respect and love and cherish the world around them? How will they make your experiences greater?

While I sit here pondering my own silly adulting dilemmas, I find myself wildly inspired by outdoor social media mavens Brooke Froelich, Morgan Brechler, and Shannon Robertson who have recently been featured in Raising a Wild Child produced by The Born Wild Project. Whether you already have children or are considering adding to your “pack”, you’ll find this video inspiring and beautiful, offering the very cool glimpses of childhood in all of us.

Raising a Wild Child


In Raising a Wild Child millennial parents turned social-media influencers use the very technologies that threaten to separate them from nature to connect with it—and each other—instead.  This family-centric outdoor adventure film shares the stories of parents who are raising kids on outdoor adventure, and using social media to build a community doing the same.


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  1. Lindsey says:

    I love using social media for good!

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