Overcoming Obstacles: Contest Winners!

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When we initially planned our “Overcoming Obstacles” contest last month, we knew that we’d be hearing some amazing stories. But we weren’t prepared for the emotionally charged and immensely moving tales of athletes who have had to deal with massive brain trauma, intense heartache, loss of life, and/or simply coming to grip with reality when life decides to throw you a curve ball. Editing these stories, watching submitted videos, and learning about all the passionate individuals our community is filled with has been both heart wrenching and heart warming. Our #1 mission of spread stoke is to pass the stoke forward, to encourage outdoor enthusiasts to continue pushing forward, no matter how hard or how scary, and to continue inspiring each other to follow our passions and dreams.  On behalf of our brand, we thank all our contributors who submitted their “Overcoming Obstacles” stories last month!


“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles” – Christopher Reeve.

A part of our contest was awarding all of our winners with a pair of Skullcandy Navigator headphones. Below are the selected winners based off of their incredible tales and stories of overcoming whatever life has thrown their way. We also included a few season edits to keep everyone generally pumped on living. Keep passing the stoke forward! Additionally, a special shout out to High Fives Foundation for helping us connect with their athletes stories!

We encourage you to read, watch, and learn about these amazing athletes and beautiful stories. A renewed gratitude for living is guaranteed.

  1. Moving Forward: A Life-Altering Ski Accident
  2. Soul Shred: Coping in Alaska
  3. Resuming Life After a Traumatic Brain Injury
  4. 4 Days in Trauma, 1 Broken Back, and a Road to Recovery
  5. Befriending Evil Elves & Overcoming Nerve Pain
  6. Monster Factory: Waste
  7. But There Isn’t Any Snow in Florida
  8. Becoming a Committed Athlete
  9. Dropping the Knee in the Rockies Edit
  10. Yule Creek Madness Edit
  11. Skiing in Jackson Edit


Thank You for Sharing Your Stories!

– The Spread Stoke Team


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