To Make a Living or to Live the Dream?

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This is the constant struggle I face.

Being comfortable isn’t a bad thing, right? But is adventure more important? They feel mutually exclusive.

Teardrop Selfie

I see more and more of my friends and people I meet at the crag saying they’re moving into their van or truck. They’re installing a bed and just going for it.

[Cue the feelings of jealousy as I head back to my 9-5 job in a cubicle.]

Each time it makes me question my decisions. It makes me wonder, “Why can’t I be the one that makes other people jealous?” “Why can’t I be the one that chases happiness and dreams rather than security and comfort?” Well, for one, security lets you have adventure. It’s a lot easier to enjoy yourself when you’re not worried about food and survival. When you know you can fill up the gas tank in the car you’re living out of. Security let’s you relax, knowing that you don’t have to figure out your next move.

Teardrop Exterior

But then, I come back to the question: At what cost?

We’re all at least a little bit worried about our future and our potential regrets. Simultaneously.

Then every once in a while, an opportunity arises for you to have it all. You can create a career for yourself and you can live a life full of adventure. Chasing fun around every corner. And then? Then the hard part. You have to do it. Your excuses are gone and you have no choice but to grab that opportunity and run with it.

Outside Skin Teardrop

You build yourself a home on wheels. You figure out the bare necessities that you truly need to be happy. You sell everything else and you hit the road. You go where the sun is shining, the beer is good and the stoke is high.

And you know what? It’s scarier than any super exposed, multi-pitch trad route you’ll ever climb.

But just like any fear, it’s oh so sweet when you overcome it. Or at least that’s my hope.

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4 thoughts on “To Make a Living or to Live the Dream?

  1. Casey Sowul says:

    Love this, super inspiring!!! Thanks for sharing and good luck on your adventures!!!

    1. Sarah Flinn says:

      Thank you, Casey! I just read your story about quitting your job and going for it…now I really have no excuses 🙂

  2. Kevin Smith says:

    I would love to see some more pics of the trailer you guys built. It’s so cool!

    1. Sarah Flinn says:

      Thanks, Kevin! We are really proud of how it turned out too. I have more pictures and some FAQs/tips on my blog here: Cheers!

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