Lucy: Snowsports Professional Cattle Dog

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Dogs are awesome. Mutts are even better. We adopted Lucy, our cattle dog mix, after finding her wandering the foothills above our house where she had been heartlessly abandoned in the middle of winter. She was surviving on mice and voles she caught by pouncing through the snow like a fox, so it took several months before she realized the bowls of dog food we fed her weren’t a passing phase. She still terrorizes rodents of all sorts, but now simply for the sport of it.

Six years later, she’s a solid member of our pack, and we can’t imagine our lives without her. She may have given up living off of rodents, but she still enjoys chasing anything with four legs — the bigger the better it seems. She’s seen more of the Western U.S. than most people. She’s been there as my daughters have grown up from young girls to young women. She’s chased us down untracked powder.  She’s explored the depths of mountain ranges. She has curled up next to me under a tarp in the rain. She’s an “adventure dog” through and through, and she embodies the “explore more” attitude with her limitless energy. As a good friend once said, “everything’s better when you do it with a dog” and that is the truth! Here’s to all the great mutts out there who spend their days living the lives others dream of. In my next life I can only hope I come back as a heeler mutt living along the Wasatch Range. It’s a pretty great life.

Chris Morgan
insta: @chris_twosherpas


Photo credit: Richard Tilton (@richardtilton)



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