Hiking Snow Canyon State Park, UT

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Snow Canyon State Park, anyone heard of it?  Heck, I hadn’t even heard of it until I passed the sign for the state park on the highway.  I figured it would be fun to check out, so I pulled my car to the parking lot and went for a hike!  Snow Canyon State Park has many different trails to hike, the two I explored were the lava flow from the Santa Clara volcano and petrified sand dunes.


The lava flow was awesome!  I hiked out not expecting to see anything but the rock cliffs around me.  Yet, this was not so.  There were lava tunnels throughout the hike!  Many of the tunnels have collapsed since the last eruption of Santa Clara, but there is access to parts of these tunnels.  Unfortunately, I was hiking by myself and the park required groups of at least three people to hike through the tunnels and as it was a spur of the moment hike I also lacked a flashlight.  Despite not actually being able to go inside the tunnels, I hiked around them and farther past them.  Oh, and the petrified sand dunes were awe-inspiring!  The dunes were beautiful and a bright orange / red in color!  Southern Utah is such a beautiful place!

And I almost forgot my new little lizard friends!


More photos will come soon!!

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