February Triple Dippers

9 0 2034

Battling the major identity crisis that is Winter 2015 it’s hard not to get down over here on the drier side of the continent. While all those East Coasters revel in deep snow and frigid temps, we’re all walking around in t-shirts and sandals out West. It’s a good old reminder to appreciate the deep days and perhaps a sobering sneak peak at winters to come if we don’t assault that beast, global warming. My good buddy Mike and I were musing about all the warm,  springlike temps here in Utah and thinking about the triple-sport days we usually log in late April or May.  While these usually consist of climbing-skiing-biking, or perhaps skiing-biking-running, we thought we could attempt something a bit more unusual. Why not add PADDLE to the triple-sport roster, mix it up a little. So we did. With an alpine start we managed to paddle and pedal out at Antelope Island before heading higher to Snowbird for a few runs. It wasn’t exactly ‘powdery’ up at Snowbird but the title ‘Paddle, Pedal, Slide Down Ice At Low Tide” just didn’t have the same ring to it.

This is a quick peek at our TRIPLE DIP.


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