Fallen Leaf Lake & Emerald Bay

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If there’s one thing that I still cannot wrap my head around about Tahoe is how much is at your doorstep.

We took a trip today on advice from one of Joel’s buddies back home and as it was, I was recommended to the same places by a member of an online forum.

A huge part of the reason I decided to forfeit the ease of a job on a hill in Canada and not work here in the states was because I’d always wanted to come to Tahoe, ever since I saw photos of Heavenly overlooking the lake when I was a lot younger.

This place has not disappointed me yet.

The trip today was literally fifteen or twenty minutes from our apartment.

Fallen Leaf Lake is a little higher that Lake Tahoe. A 3 mile long, 1 mile wide body of water, 400ft deep at it’s deepest point. The homes that line the shoreline are nothing short of impressive and the views they share are second to none. A really cool little hidden gem not far off the 89.

From there, we went around to Emerald Bay. A fairly enclosed body on the South West side of Lake Tahoe. Home to Tahoe’s only island, Fannette Island.

The views to be had on the 89 as well as the walk down to the shoreline are full of colour. On the way back up to the top lookout point we saw the result of a lucky couple getting engaged and a few elderly people trying to operate their ipad while they were crying to try and get a picture. It seems like it’s quite a popular place to do such a thing.

We’ve been pretty lucky in the sense that the weather here has been perfect for this kind of thing and I’m really happy we’ve got to see what we have in this light. It would be nice to get some snow but we’re not too worried just yet. Heavenly doesn’t open up for about 10 days so we’re taking off to Salt Lake City and Denver for a bit of a road trip before a few buddies make their way down to ride with us.


Yours truly. The 16-35mm working wonders on my arm.

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