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The Life Cosmic Project is founded on ridership of flow. The flow rider is one who embodies a challenging task in motion where body, mind and spirit are enacted and performed with grace. We are collective of visionaries, innovators, and artist, dedicated to exploring the experience of “Stoke!” and sharing that experience in various art forms through the local communities we represent.


The Life Cosmic Project will be traveling to Japan to intimately explore the winter environment of Niseko and translate this experience through art to the local snowboard, meditation, and climate change communities in Missoula, Montana and Toronto, Ontario. We will be sharing these experiences through a variety of mediums of artwork and donating the proceeds generated to the A-ROB Plant A Seed Project through our Fundrazr page ”SHARE THE “STOKE!“. The Project will provide the experience of snowboarding to underprivileged children along with the opportunity to discover the exhilarating feeling of “Stoke!” through a snowboarding based mentorship program.

PURPOSE OF CAMPAIGN: In support of the A-ROB Plant A Seed Project, the Life Cosmic Project wishes to create rider inspired artwork in Niseko, Japan through the medium of film, photography and poetry. Our story will weave together three elements of snowboarding – the expression of the physical, the spiritus of meditation, and the environmental experience of winter. This project expands the activity of snowboarding to a level of artistic expression. The first element will entice the imagination of local snowboarding communities in both Canada and the United States to reach beyond North America. We intend to portray a parallel of snowboarding at the same latitude but at opposite sides of the world, and how the experience of snow connects us. The second element is based upon the practice of meditation. Through the act of snowboarding, the internal condition of flow is extended to a variety of activities. We will be focusing on enacting a Japanese perspective and “surf style” of snowboarding. Surf style is about blending with the energy of the mountain. This predominant expression from Northern Japan is a type of calligraphy upon canvas, in essence, a dance with the mountain. Our visual images of one in oneness, draws the audience to an inward experience of “Stoke!” Or as the Japanese say “Sugoi!” and “Saiko!” The third element focuses on the oral history of the winter experience in Niseko. As the winters grow shorter, the effects of climate change are seen near and far.

We will be conducting interviews, based on interactive and interpersonal stories of winter.  This oral history will be connected to similar histories from North America at the same latitude. The stories are intended to compliment scientific research based on global climate change, and human interactions with the environment. Through our portrayal, we will be demonstrating the how and why it is important that we interact with the spirit of ourselves and the environment. Like us on FaceBook: The Life Cosmic Project.


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  1. Casey Sowul says:

    Thanks for sharing Aaron. Looking forward to hearing all about your travels via your posts. Excited for your trip!

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