Highlighting Local Startups: Companies with Passion

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Throughout the past several years of bouncing in and out of career paths, I’ve acquired a growing passion for entrepreneurship.  What seems to be a glamorous pursuit is often a mix of doubt, excitement and determination.  Deep into this brain dance, one confronts a variety of decisions that feels like grooming for leadership while gamboling your sanity. My involvement with entrepreneurism is a perpetual education of myself, inward and out. A huge part of me is drawn to such endeavors because of my love of extreme sports. Being immersed in the mountains, whether by foot, skis or wheels, has fueled my eagerness to take risks and to keep going in the heat of adversity.  Starting s a business or a trek in the wilderness are closely related, and the unknown is daunting, though the process is enlightening.  Whatever the outcome, one thing remains constant: We are a community that shares the pain, success, and devotion of the experience.

With my adoration to both communities, I would like to share several local entrepreneurs’ projects that are as impactful as they are innovative. Please support these Kickstarter campaigns by either sharing or contributing to their exciting ventures:

Mountain Devil-Women’s Ski & Snowboard Outerwear

Their goal is to create women’s technical ski/snowboard clothing with a relaxed fit to accommodate a wider range of body types.

Support Mountain Devil here.

Moksha (film) – AndShesDopeToo

Moksha is a film that highlights three Nepali women who have dedicated themselves to spreading the joy that mountain biking can bring to women across the Himalayas.

Support Moksha here.

World’s First Lay & Play Wireless Charging Dock With Speaker

The Lunchbox speaker instantly connects to ANY phone WITHOUT syncing/pairing! NO Bluetooth. NO WiFi. NO wires. Simply lay & play!

Support Lunchbox here.




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