Share What You Live For: The Story Behind Spread Stoke

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We are SUPER excited to announce our brand-spankin’-new Spread Stoke promo video. It’s taken lots of coffee, late-nights, a few shots of whiskey and some AMAZING talented & brilliant friends who volunteered their time and energy to help us get our dream off the ground. So without further ado…

Here’s the story behind; a passionate community of friends, athletes and co-founders, built upon the foundation of doing what you love, sharing what you live for, and spreading stoke to others.

Spread Stoke: Share What You Live For

As you know, we built to create a corner of the internet where inspiration, passion, and stoke could flow together. Our goal in building the site is to bring together a community who shares their passions, and in return, encourage others to live a life doing what they love.

We are actively looking to grow our reach out as far as we can. That’s why we’re asking YOU to help us grow. You can help by sharing this video and what we’re doing with everyone you know. This video represents both our company and the people behind it, as well as the mind-set that connects the outdoor community and industry as a whole. By helping us share this video and our company’s vision with your friends, family, and via social media, we hope to grow our community of contributors and continue to pass the stoke forward. We sincerely thank you for helping us reach our dreams and being a part of the site’s growth.

If you know someone who would like to be a part of Spread Stoke, we’re looking to grow our team. We’re currently looking for contributors, ambassadors, an intern or two, and athletes who want to be a part of our community. You can learn more about us on our about page or contact us directly via the contact us form.

We also welcome you to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

A massive thanks to everyone who has helped us launch Spread Stoke & create our promo video:

Shot & Edited: Andrew Braden (

Music: Jarryd Wark | The Planetaries “Stoke is High”. DOWNLOAD HERE:

Featuring Athletes & Athlete Footage Contributed by: Andrew MuseAnnie Agle, Matt Hundhammer, Sierra Quitiquit, Casey Sowul, Tori Sowul, and Kevin Smith

Thank you to our partners & friends listed in the video credits for helping us along the way and all our early contributors for sharing what they live for.

3 thoughts on “Share What You Live For: The Story Behind Spread Stoke

  1. Steven Clet says:

    Such a sick video!!! Great job you guys. All my camera get has been packed were in the middle of moving, can’t wait to share the love soon!!!

    1. Casey Sowul says:

      Thanks Steven! Glad you enjoyed, def. a work of love. Good luck with the move – cannot wait to see some more of your photography!

  2. What an amazing video and story! You guys rock!!! It would be so great to reconnect again in the U.S. or Norwegian mountains! 🙂 You got a new member and i will spread the love! Take care Kevin and Casey! 🙂

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