5 Tips to Photographing Jenny Lake

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Living in Salt Lake City, Utah deciding on a destination for wilderness travel can seem daunting. With so many national and state park in reach the selection is quite large. With this post I want to focus on Grand Teton National Park.

Growing up in New Jersey my access to wilderness areas was quite limited. However, I had the good fortune of having parents that wanted to vacation somewhere other than the typical beach destination. My family traveled to some of the most amazing wilderness areas in the world. America’s National Parks System has served as a model for both preservation and connecting people with some of the most beautiful and stunning natural environments on earth. Grand Teton was one of the first National Parks that I traveled to on my quest to visit each of the 58 National Parks in the system. Coming from New Jersey, I had never seen mountains like the Tetons. Their huge and incredible heights dwarfed everything around them. One of my favorite places in the park is Jenny Lake. This incredible lake is estimated to be over 400 feet deep. As a photographer, I love this area in the spring/early summer. The snow is dramatic and makes for an amazing vista.

Photo Recommendations:

1) Get there early!

2) Stay near Jenny Lake

3) Clouds make the peaks more dramatic

4) Get as close to the water as possible



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