Why I Run | A Trail Running Story from Hong Kong

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“Hong Kong has more to offer than most people realise. Over the past couple years I’ve begun to explore more of what it has to offer and even after a lifetime in HK have only recently seen areas and views for the first time. Saturday morning was once a time to lie in with a pounding headache but is now generally a time to enjoy the outdoors and push further. That’s not to say those hangovers don’t still happen, just maybe not as frequently. Currently, I’m running to take part in ultra-marathons – after all the longer you go for the more of the outdoors you get to see. And that’s why I run.” – Ben Lee

Anyone that lives in Hong Kong knows that finding clear, un-polluted and colourful weather is hard to come by, so to find these moments, this film project took us a year to complete. But when these days do arrive, there is nowhere is the world quite like Hong Kong. It’s famous skyline is what has made Hong Kong so famous but also, one of the only things people think of when the hear of Hong Kong. What people don’t know is that 40% of HK consists of country parks and nature reserves and that you can find spectacular views and trails only 20 minutes from the city. It was our goal to showcase the other side of HK and that is not just a home to one of the worlds most famous skylines.

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