An Inspiration of Yoga + Climbing: Maggie Odette

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It’s sometimes better to be lucky than good, and that’s how I feel about being lucky enough to meet the outgoing, inspirational, amazing Maggie Odette while bouldering at The Front in Ogden. An accomplished 5.14 climber and yoga instructor in her own right, my family and I were blown away with her grace and technique as she made impossible routes look easy.  I was even more amazed by her kindness as she was gave us subtle, positive instructions as we floundered on the wall.  I didn’t know anything about her background, but I knew she was an exceptional person and would be perfect to feature in a short video.

Maggie Odette: Bros Not Pros

We got together at the climbing gym one gray day in February, and Maggie was generous and patient as I filmed her climbing the same route over and over in order to get the shots I needed.  We agreed to meet again soon to shoot the interview narrative, but weeks, then months passed as other jobs kept me distracted and busy.

Then one day in late May I got a message from Maggie.  She politely explained that I may want to shoot the interview soon, since she and her husband were leaving town.  When I asked when they were coming back, she told me, “Never.”  They had an adventure to go on and it was going to take them away from Utah for good.

I rearranged my schedule, shot the interview, Maggie left town, I put the video together, and “voila!” here it is.  Thanks for ZEAL Optics for their support.



One thought on “An Inspiration of Yoga + Climbing: Maggie Odette

  1. Fantastic video, great story! I can’t wait to hear more about their journey!

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