BAIT Program and the Ancient Arts

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This past spring I enrolled in the BAIT program, a week-long endeavor in the middle of the desert where one’s limits are pushed and skills tested.  BAIT, known as Bad-Ass in Training, is not a legitimate program nor did I have to sign up.  It was an acronym given to me while camping with my two guy buddies in Moab this past spring.

Moab BAIT program

In a moment’s notice (how I prefer to start adventures) I hopped into ‘El Toro’ with Andrew Muse and headed to Moab to climb, hike, bike, and play extreme boccie ball.  ‘El Toro’ is Andrew’s van that he lives out of with a massive bull skull on the front.  Once in Moab, we met our buddy Jake and for the rest of the week we all pushed ourselves into challenging climbs.  I am a novice at rock climbing, but am starting to grasp the amazing potential this sport has to offer.  I learned a great deal down in Moab, and really got to test my skills as an athlete in crack climbing, bouldering, and slot canyons.

Moab BAIT Program 01

In addition to my own bad-ass training, I got to watch my two buddies sleigh a world renowned climb, Ancient Arts.  The two guys spent all week mentally and physically preparing for what would be the most challenging rock climb they have ever down.  Needless to say, they conquered it and waved to me from the top with the biggest grins.

Moab Climbing Tori Sowul

Moab BAIT climbing 03

Moab BAIT climbing dog

Moab Climbing High Five

Moab Ancient Art Climbing

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