Road to Tucson, Part 1 – Passion to Give Back

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“I’ve come to the conclusion that a man without a cause is nothing. He has nothing to look forward to, he has nothing to work toward; he is as a man lost, wandering in the darkest part of his heart to find a deeper, better purpose in his life.”

-Hazel West, author

This November I will be traveling to Tucson with six of my Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity brothers from the University of Maryland to participate in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation charity bike ride.

The goal of JDRF is to “progressively remove the impact of T1D (type 1 diabetes) from people’s lives until we achieve a world without T1D.”

Although the majority of our seven-member team has no bike riding experience, when the opportunity arose, our team quickly formed.

We came together to support our chapter president who has type 1 diabetes.

When something hits close to home, like a disease that affects a fraternity brother, it was easy for us to rally around it. Our goal is to make it just as easy for everyone else. We are taking something we are passionate about and combining it with a new found passion—bike riding.

As we are reaching out to our family, friends and University of Maryland community, we saw it as the perfect opportunity to reach out to the biking community to help us reach our fundraising goal of $28,000.

Just like the motivational boost you get from your buddy or an on-looker from the chair that gives you the confidence to send a cliff, Team AEPi needs that to reach our goal.

I know I speak on behalf of Team AEPi and JDRF when I emphasize the importance of using your passion for a good cause and taking a small step to help change the world.  Please take a look at our donation page and consider helping us reach our goal. Find a deeper, better purpose and help impact Type 1 Diabetes:

Ride to CURE Diabetes: Click here to donate!

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