Ladies Unite! Bike Mechanic Scholarship Opportunity

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The other day I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie Nitsch, an avid big mountain snowboarder and founder of Palace Snowboards, an all-female split board company.  The two of us met for coffee, bounced ideas off one another about female presence in the action-sport industry and then cheerfully exchanged numbers to grow one another’s female wolf packs.


Photo: Closing day at Park City Mountain Resort

Like a lot of ladies I meet, the two of us shared a similar story… we bike, ski, ride, and even drink whisky with A LOT of dudes.  In a small ski town, with a guy to girl ratio of 7:1… it’s pretty easy to do. However, it’s no excuse to not take advantage of all the ripping ladies out there! The presence of women in action-sports is changing, there is more support, encouragement, and leadership.  When I ride with a group of all girls, I’m feel more empowered then ever!


Photo Credit: Eric Erlenbusch

It’s not about being the ‘only girl’, it’s about being a part of a community of strong, female riders who all push one another to go bigger and to even be more knowledgeable.  Yes, knowing how to ski and ride a bike is great. Knowing how to fix and tune your skis and bike is mega-terrific great!  I recently came across a Women’s Bike Mechanic Scholarship.  It’s purpose is to “to grow the number of talented women working in the bike industry and to grow female ridership’.  Check it out, and if you think it’s for you, your girlfriend or best friend… pass it along!

mechanic schlor.

If you have a chance, check out Stephanie Nitsch’s awesome blog & like the Palace Snowboards Facebook Page to stay current on this awesome all female snowboard company!

Oh, and one more thing: I’m super excited to see Pretty Faces…now I just can’t wait to see some girl bike segments! Dear Anthill….???

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